Chalk Couture : Fun easy chalk paint crafting

Well, a friend of mine is selling this new Chalk Couture and I decided to join her and give it a try. Pam makes some amazing things so  I signed up, figuring, I would get everything that I need to get started in crafting myself and I could offer out the same to others who want to craft with this new company.

Here is what you get in the kit at this time.
As of today, the kit is $99.00.  You do have to agree to pay a monthly fee for your website if you decide to sign up. You get A LOT Of stuff with the kit. I did not get mine yet but I got my email and am so excited.

What is great about Chalk Couture is that you can use permanent or temporary inks on our surfaces or on your own surface that you already have. If you want you can change your sign or chalkboard to say something different every time your friends or family come to visit.  Also, I am told you can put it on glass surfaces and bake it so it is permanent.

Here is a catalog of the products available Make it large so you can see the beautiful detail.  Its always easier for me to page through a booklet, even online, than click links back and forth. Plus you get to see what people did with the products thought out the catalog. Don't forget to visit my page to purchase your supplies or join me in selling this fun product. 

I have a Silhouette Cameo 3 (similar to a Cricut) so I am sure I can incorporate my own stencils that I make to use along with this. I have a feeling that everything in my life is going to become chalk painted.  I already stenciled everything with labels and decals and etched glass using my cameo. I know this is going to keep me very busy when my kit gets here. 

Shannon Pickle's Chalk Couture

I am brand new and not sure where I am going with this yet, but figured I would share what I am up to these days. Here are some great images I found on Pinterest that some talented people crafted using the products.

Visit the Chalk Couture You Tube Channel for videos on how easy it is to make things with this product line. 

I left the designers name intact if it was included in a pic.  I had to share this one because it was so cute. I have chickens so I am in love with this. 

My own pics to follow as soon as I get my hands on my kit.


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