My First Chalk Couture Project using Chalk Paste

I signed up to be a Chalk Couture Designer.  I know, another direct sales company...but I knew I would be buying a lot of stuff and well, why not.  I figured I could make some custom stencils with my Silhouette too. So my friend Pam helped me get started.
 My kit came Tuesday and I had so much going on, I only got to play today for the first time. I am so excited that it came out perfect on my first try. I never did this before and I chose a larger stencil to start so I imagined I might screw it up, but nope.

If you do mess up, it washes off with a damp cloth so you can change it up anytime.  If you want it permanent, you can seal it.  They also offer permanent ink that you can heat set, either with a heat gun or in an oven, so doing glassware and mugs is easy and permanent. 

Here is my first creation. Directions below pictures. 
If you like the silk screen stencil, called a Transfer by the company here is a link to my store. 
Thanks for supporting me.

Sorry I do not have a pic of the chalking process itself, the chalk dries and you need to remove the stencil (transfer) before it dries..  I will have to have someone with me next time to take pics. 
Here is what I did.


Remove the backing from the transfer and apply it to a tshirt or something to prep it. If it sticks too much you will not be happy.  It won't come off the surface you are chalking.  It needs to be fuzzed first.  It will still stick.

Stick it to your surface and smooth it down, so it doesn't have bubbles

Dab chalk paste all over it and then squeegie it off. Try not to get the chalk off of the transfer, but it will wash off if you get it where you don't want it. You can touch it up after, either with a wet paper towel to remove any or if you missed a spot, you can use a q-tip to dab some on where you need some.

Remove the transfer quickly, do not allow the chalk to dry or it could distort your image and you will want to start over. 

put your transfer directly into water.  A big baking pan works great. I used a commercial cookie sheet and it was plenty large enough.
You can let it lay there in water to finish your project, then wash  if off, be careful not to let it stick to itself.  Lay it upside down, sticky side up, to dry on a towel and then when its dry, re-apply the shiny backing to use again later.


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