I am a Planner Junkie!

So I have been using a bullet journal for a few years now and have done some layouts that I was amazed at.  It's fun but VERY time-consuming. I think I did more working on my planner than I did activities in my life because it was taking up so much of my time.
I started to slack off on creating layouts.  I bought a few pre-made planners but there were pages that I never used.
I recently came across this wonderful system by Tula Xii that you design and customize to your lifestyle. There are 100+ inserts that you can pick and choose from and also accessories like wallets that you put in it, and credit card inserts, zipper pockets and other goodies, that you can eliminate carrying a purse and just take your planner.
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Sometimes its hard to show up at a business meeting with your briefcase/messenger bag AND a purse, so this will work nicely for that, or just carry it and only it.  Some people insert their iPAD or phone in it also.
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