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Chicken Feet Bone Broth in the pressure cooker (instant pot, quick cooker etc)

I get my chicken feet from our neighbor who is an organic pastured dairy, beef,  and chicken and egg farmer.  All of his animals are grass fed. We also get our raw milk and chicken, andbeef from him.  There is nothing better!  We are so lucky to have them over the hill from us. 

Look at this gelatinous bone broth I made from chicken feet. It is loaded with collagen.  I make batches and freeze it. Then Ithaw it to sip, and I add it to meals in place of water and broth. It even makes mashed potatoes better. It adds extra nutrients to my family dinners.   I prefer to slow cook my bone broth but I don’t like them to leave the crockpot on for days  (Thanks to This is Us) when I am not home so I pressure cook it.  I usually pressure cook it for 90 minutes I let the pressure come down and pressure cook it a second time for 90 minutes. 
 When I sip my bone broth I like to spice it up. I add salt and pepper and one of my favorite things to put in it is  Megalodon  Carolina reaper sauce from the…

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