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Sausage Poblano Pumpkin Bisque

The short and sweet version, pan down for pics and a longer version. I know not everyone has time for that, so I spared you the details first.
Sausage Poblano Pumpkin Bisque
2 pounds sausage (casing removed it it has any) 2 poblano peppers, chopped 7 cloves garlic, chopped
4 cups chicken bone broth 1 block cream cheese 1 26oz can pumpkin
a few dashes of dried Sage a dash of pumpkin pie spice a few dashes of ground dried ginger Salt and pepper
Brown sausage with poblanos and garlic in a stockpot.
Meanwhile, in a Vitamix, blender or with a hand mixer if you don't have one: broth cream cheese pumpkin (you could probably melt the cream cheese in the soup but this is faster)
Whirl until well blended.
Pour over soup and cook until hot. Add spices. 
You could substitute sour cream for the cream cheese if you would like.
Here is a longer version: 
I made a cauldron of this and my family ate it all in one night.  It was so tasty and I had requests for the recipe so I figured I would put it …

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