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Amish Open-faced Chicken Sandwich And Mashed Potatoes - Pressure Cooker

 My personal favorite quick comfort meal recipe. Effortless Open-Faced Chicken Sandwiches and Mashed Potatoes QUICK AMISH OPEN FACED CHICKEN SANDWICHES/AMISH CHICKEN BARQ SANDWICHES  In a pressure cooker, pressure cook some chicken thighs in a cup of chicken broth or bone broth for 20 minutes. When it’s done open the lid, add a half stick of butter sprinkle a little bit of flour or arrowroot on top and use the MIX AND CHOP to chop it up.  Serve it over buttered bread or on a roll  And I have two pressure cookers just for this reason. I usually like to cook about 12 to 15 chicken thighs because we like leftovers QUICK MASHED POTATOES Scrub a few potatoes, toss in the pressure cook and add a cup of water. Depending on the size of this could take anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes or if you chopped them up 12 minutes will work I can’t go wrong with 15.  You won’t overcook them   Drain the water. That is important.  Add some butter, milk and if you like sour cream. We love hell of a good frenc

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