Microwave 14 Minute Spaghetti Squash, No More Dangerous Cutting

Take a spaghetti squash and stab it with a knife a few times.  This is fun and easy. 

Place it on a plate in the microwave and turn on the microwave for 7 minutes. (if it is small, you can go 5 minutes)

Turn slightly and microwave another 7 minutes.  (again about 5 minutes for a small one)
That's it, its cooked. It will be slightly soft. 

Pull it out and it will easily cut open, with a butter knife, Using a fork, shred it. (you may want to let it cool first, but if you are creative, you ca manage it hot)

Try this and you will never have to risk your life, cutting a raw spaghetti squash again. 

You will wonder why you ran your oven for an hour to bake one, all of these years. 


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