Almond Butter and Blackberry Habanero Scrambled Eggs

We are drowning in eggs.  As a chicken farmer, we eat a lot of eggs, a lot of ways.  I will start sharing short clips of my weirdo egg creations.  This one is inspired by Christmas Abbott and my mom. I promise its delicious. I won't share anything that tastes bad.

 As a skinny child, my mom was always trying to fatten us up.  We were gymnasts and avid hardcore outside free-range children so we got more exercise than the average child and having the metabolism of a housefly didn't make it easy to keep weight on us.  She made me a peanut butter and jelly and egg sandwich once that was so delicious. 
Christmas Abbot encourages peanut butter eggs for great workout protein.
I like some spiciness to my food and while making eggs, I opened the refrigerator and thought, omg this would be like a jelly but spicy!
It's terrific.  Before you judge it, try it.  You cannot say yuk if you have not tried it. 

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Scrambled eggs stuffed with almond butter and doused with blackberry habanero sauce. Let’s see how many judge mental people will say yuck without ever having tried it. It’s delicious!
Sorry I didn’t food-stylist-up the picture, this is real life.
I bought this hot sauce at a local pepper festival.  Its by Habby Fruits.  You can find it online. I am not affiliated with them, I just like to share what i like.


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