Pressure Cooker Spaghetti Squash No need to cut in half

Cutting a spaghetti squash in half can be dangerous!!  I enjoy it sliced thinly, oiled and roasted but you could lose an arm slicing it.  I used to jam my knife in it and pound it on the counter to crack it open to half it.  Until I tried cooking it whole in the pressure cooker.  Look for a rounder size, so it will fit easily when you buy on.

You do have to pierce it, with a paring knife, but just stab it about 10-12 times around it. Then turn on the pressure to high for 15 minutes..when the timer is done (we all know it takes longer than 15 minutes due to coming up to pressure), release the valve and then open the lid when the steam is all released...and wait about 20 minutes to cut in half.

PS Some people don't realize that an instant pot is a glorified pressure cooker...Electric Pressure Cookers have been around for decades....its not new. Social media has taught those who are new to cooking about instant pots. 


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