Stuffed Peppers Low carb grain free

I make a mean meatloaf. My son's girlfriend requests it often.  I don't really have a recipe for it. I just add lost of good stuff like shredded carrots, mushrooms, onions, peppers, garlic sometimes shredded cabbage, and an egg or two, etc.  I don't add bread crumbs. I use Parmesan cheese instead. It has the same texture like bread crumbs and binds and holds it all together just bread crumbs.  Keeps it grain-free.
You can stuff peppers with your favorite meatloaf recipe or meatball or whatever you use as a favorite and serve it with spaghetti squash for a low carb and grain-free meal.
Don't forget to top it with cheese and stewed tomatoes before baking. (PS I always add cinnamon to my stewed tomatoes.  Try it, it's amazing!)

My mix is always different. I don't follow recipes much and I encourage you to make it your own.
That is tiny slices of this shaved cheese. I buy this in Bulk at my warehouse club.

I buy this in bulk at my warehouse club.
These cook in about 25 minutes. We are lucky to have a local market that sells bell peppers for 4 for a dollar pretty much year round. 
If you run out of peppers and have extra meat, just ball it up and cook it with the peppers. Someone will surely eat it! 

I can my own stewed tomatoes.


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