Hard Boiled Eggs in the Pressure Cooker Makes for Easy Peeling

I probably blogged about this on my old blog.  Maybe a bunch of times.  I have chickens.  No trick works to peel fresh hard-boiled eggs but this.  I am a chicken farmer.  I have tried them all so don't bother to comment your tricks..because I tried them. Made this way, they will practically slide out of the shell. 
Happy Eggs.  We have many varieties of chickens, which is why the eggs vary in color.
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It's quick and easy.

 In the pressure cooker, I put my handy metal steamer basket.  Pour in a cup of water and then add as many eggs as you want up to the line.
Cook on high pressure for 5 minutes. (I used to do 6 but 5 makes for nicer yellow yolks)
Let them sit for 5 minutes after it cooks 5 minutes
Swing open the vent and pull the pot out, add cold water.  Keep running cold water over them or add some ice to the water.

Mark them so you know you cooked them and put them away.  I always do smiley faces as we called them Happy Eggs while the kids were little so they were more appealing to want to eat.
I have gotten creative a few times but the happy eggs is just easiest. 
I use a pencil sometimes and change the color of the faces each batch with a different marker so they know which are older. and which are newer.
here is the steamer I use
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You can use this one if it came with it, I have in the past but I just like using my classic folding one more. it just keeps the eggs up off of the high heating element under the pot.
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