Carb Free Cocktail: Moscow Baba Yaga

I don't need the  carbs but I enjoy a few cocktails a week.

Here is an easy one, using my food grade Ginger doTERRA Essential Oil.

I used Stolichnaya. It is my favorite, quality vodka at a great price.  Anything else is overkill in my opinion. 

Fill your glass with as much ice as you a former bartender, a full glass is required, but I retired from that career long ago and use less ice just because I am not trying to sell product.

2 shots Vodka
2 drops Ginger doTERRA Essential oil 
Fill with water

You can do this with any FOOD GRADE essential oil that you want..I have done this with Lemon, Cinnamon, and Lime before. 

 I love to flavor my water with essential oils, things like Peppermint wake me up on a dreary day and on guard when my co-workers are hacking to ward off the devil! 

Wishing you good health and peace,



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