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My First Chalk Couture Project using Chalk Paste

I signed up to be a Chalk Couture Designer.  I know, another direct sales company...but I knew I would be buying a lot of stuff and well, why not.  I figured I could make some custom stencils with my Silhouette too. So my friend Pam helped me get started.
 My kit came Tuesday and I had so much going on, I only got to play today for the first time. I am so excited that it came out perfect on my first try. I never did this before and I chose a larger stencil to start so I imagined I might screw it up, but nope.

If you do mess up, it washes off with a damp cloth so you can change it up anytime.  If you want it permanent, you can seal it.  They also offer permanent ink that you can heat set, either with a heat gun or in an oven, so doing glassware and mugs is easy and permanent. 
Here is my first creation. Directions below pictures.  If you like the silk screen stencil, called a Transfer by the company here is a link to my store.  Shannon Pickle's Chalk Couture Shoppe Thanks for suppo…

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