Kill Germs on Produce: How to clean it effortlessly

With the recent recalls on lettuce and other produce, here some added insurance to help really clean your produce well and help kill germs.  
How I clean my produce
I like to soak my produce in cold water with lemon juice. I use the Citrus Press to juice a lemon into the water with the lettuce or produce I am cleaning.  Lemon has great natural cleaning abilities.  If I am out of lemons, I have used doTerra Lemon Essential oil in a pinch.  Essential oil  will etch your plastic bowls, so if you have to use lemon essential oil, do the soaking in a glass bowl. I let it soak for about 20 minutes, swishing it around.  Then I pull the basket out, dump the lemon water, rinse the lettuce and then the fun part.  I spin it in the Salad and Berry Spinner. 

This right here is salad spinner I ever owned.  I have owned quite a few.This baby will spin for for well over a minute, spinning water at a high speed off of your produce.  It comes with two baskets, so you can be rinsing the tomatoes in the smaller basket while the lettuce spins in the large one.  It comes with a 3-YEAR GUARANTEE!  Pampered Chef is amazing with their returns and exchanges.  You can call them up, they have you on record and they issue you a replacement. 
Did I mention its fun to use!  
It is so worth the money. 
I can't get my video to load here,so check out my instagram page for a video of me using it. 

Buy this Salad Spinner


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