Skinny Margarita and Habanero Margarita (also skinny!)

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Skinny Margarita
1 lime
1/2 an orange*
1 jigger of your favorite tequila (or more, your preference)
1/2 c water

Slice the lime and orange in half.
Use the lime to wet the rim of the glass. Salt the rim using the rimmer.
Fill the glass with ice. You can do this right in the glass or if you prefer it shaken, use a bar shaker to add the ingredients then pour into your salted glass.
Add Tequila.
Squeeze your lime and half of an orange into the glass or shaker using the citrus press. Add water.
Stir (or shake and pour into your glass)

*Note: If you don't have oranges, just use two limes. I like mine all lime better but it's your preference.

Habanero Margarita

If you like things a bit spicy, I like to make a Habanero Tequila, by pouring some tequila into a canning jar and soaking some sliced habaneros overnight. Pull out the habaneros within two days or you will be sorry lol.
Use this as you would your tequila for a delicious spicy habanero margarita

See the color of it after soaking for a day or two. 

Sliced Habaneros soaking in tequila. Seeds and all.
 I let mine soak for two days but if you don't like things toooo hot, just soak overnight.
Strain when its to your liking so it doesn't gain heat.  I let the seeds in mine and it gets hotter but I like that

I got my rimmer as a gift, but if you need a rimmer, Pampered Chef has a nice one. I had it and gave it away and miss it. I do adore the one I got as a gift.

See the Rimmer Here.

Oh good, you are still here...can you make me another margarita? Mine is empty.


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