Keto Krackers for when you crave crackers.

These are the easiest thing to make ever.  Make plenty, your non-keto family members will eat them and won't leave you any. 
 All you need is Parmesan Cheese and Almond Flour and if you want to be creative, some of your favorite spices or hot sauce. 

In a food processor:

Equal parts almond flour and parmesan cheese
Turn on processor, drizzle in water until it forms a beady dough.
Open and knead together. 
Roll out in parchment paper.
Cut the parchment paper so only the dough is on it
Slice the crackers with a pizza wheel, the Krackers, and poke each one with a toothpick.
Microwave for about two minutes. (I do one minute and then 30 second intervals..may need up to 3 mins. It will slightly crisp up, but upon cooling, with crisp up even more.)
Let rest and crack apart.

These are great served with bone broth, tuna or salad, cheese, dips, or anything you would normally have crackers with.

Buffalo Krackers
drizzle buffalo sauce in with the water while in the food processor.

Garlic Dill, Everything Bagel seasoning, cinnamon, etc.  I have made it many ways and they are all really good.


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