Sourdough Pizza Dough and or Artisan Bread

Pizza Dough

227 grams sourdough starter-unfed discard 

141-170 g lukewarm water

300 g bread flour 

Dash kosher salt 

Put all in stand mixer with dough hook for 7 minutes on 2-3 speed

Placed in an oiled bowl and cover  for 2 to 6 hours until doubled in size  

Ready to use or you can refrigerate for later use

When you’re making your pizza dough, don’t over-flour. Add a little cornmeal to your baking stone and press out into a pizza shell.


You can also make bread with this  

If you want to make bread with us, just put the ball of dough in the center of a slightly oiled cast-iron Dutch oven with some cornmeal and put the lid on top. Cook for 20 minutes at 450°. Remove the lid and cook 30 more minutes.less crusty finish, you can leave the lid on longer  

This is great served with a charcuterie with some olive oil, garlic for dipping or  hot peppers in oil  


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